Our designer duo, couldn’t help themselves and redesigned the standards in a wedding and threw out all the traditional stuff. 

  • No bridal party – groomsmen line up during ceremony 
  • Everyone will sit back and enjoy themselves
  • Wedding officiated by a very funny comedian
  • No speeches during reception, we will have videos and mc’ed highlights

  Since both Sabrina and Erman delivered best man, maid of honor speeches in the past, they know the best part of the speeches are roasting the couple a little. Why not share the fun with a few people since they know so many funny people 🙂 So if you have a funny anecdote, a fun photo from the past, or if you won’t be able to join us due to covid restrictions, but still you would like to send a message to everyone in the wedding, please let us know.

We will be playing those videos and selected ones will be presented during the reception. Are you interested ? Comment below with your facebook, and we will reach out.